SAI BABA EDUCATINAL TRUST Registered Under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010 Which Is A Non Profit, Non Governmental Organization, Registered As a Trust, Undertaking Social Activities With Pure Motive Of Social Cause To Serve The Mankind. Our Trust is Running a School For Mentally Challenged Children at Ulhasnagar For The Last More Than 2 Decades For Education and Rehabilitation Of Under Privileged Children.

Main Features of the project

Heart Disease: A Major Killer

Heart Disease is on the rise in Ulhasnagar because of many reasons: a busy, stressful lifestyle rapid industrialization and Urbanization, untimely and excessive intake of oily and fatty junk food. Diabetes, increase in use of tobacco products and lack of physical exercise.

It is very important that this disease should be controlled in time so that everyone can live and enjoy healthy life with the help of modern technology and the latest techniques available today around the world in healthcare.


We have been observing that any person who gets a sudden heart problem particularly at odd hours, is totally helpless. There is no facility like specialized heart treatment/care center in Ulhasnagar City.

The affected victim has no other alternative but to rush any other heart hospital situated at Mumbai to save his life. Many times, the heart patient dies on his way before being admitted to the hospital.


Considering all the factors faced by heart patients, the office bearers of the “Saibaba Educational Trust” have consulted eminent Cardiac Experts, Cardiologist, to run the hospital & We are pleased to inform that Dr. Rajesh Rajani, Head of Cardiology Dept, Hinduja Hospital and Mr. Krishnamurthy & Management (Apollo Hospital) have promised to support us wholeheartedly to make this project a success.


We feel proud and honored to inform you that the 1st Phase, a50 Beds with ultra modern facilities and the latest technology will be manned by well experienced management, Cardiologist & Heart experts. The capacity of Beds will be increased as and when the need arises.


Our Mission: To meet the urgent requirements and aspiration of the 10 lakh populated Ulhasnagar City and surrounding area we appeal to our valued donors, philanthropists, friends and leaders and also well wishers from all corners of India and abroad to return this sweet dreams into a concrete reality by donating generously towards this noble cause.

All your contribution will be deeply appreciated – whether you choose to contribute in cash or kind, in understanding and support for our cause, or whether you choose to simply bless the project. Genuine good wishes and deed can work wonders and give a new lease of life to serious heart patients in particular and all mankind in general. We are counting on your support and encouragement…


Will be coming soon with Phase II of Saibaba Heart Hospital which will include all the major surgures related to heart like

  • Complex aortic aneurysms
  • Redo Surgeries including Bypass Surgery
  • The Maze Procedure for Atrial Fibrillation
  • Valve Repair and Replacement

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